Université Montpellier 2

Useful information



Support and assistance on arrival and during the period of stay

The University Montpellier has a team dedicated to the Erasmus Mundus students. This team will go at the airport/train station to pick up the students and bring them to their residencies. The students need to provide us ahead with all practical information concerning their arrival (dates, hour, and flight number in case of delay). This same team will organise a meeting the day after to go by group to the bank to open a French bank account. After the opening, the students will come together with the UM2 member to the Erasmus Mundus office to proceed with all the administrative tasks necessary. This will be the opportunity to help the students with their choices of classes and schedule. The students will need anyway to get in touch, before arriving, with their school tutor to know what is the timetable of their studies. In the following days, the students will be gathered to proceed to their enrollment at the university, still supervised by a member of the UM2 Team. The students will receive at any time support from the EM Team at the UM2 in case of questions during their stay.


Halls of residence on offer

The International student office at the CROUS offers accommodation in universities dormitories or residencies nearby the campus and the city center for Bachelor and Master students. The rent of an university dormitory ranges around 300€/month. All the students will have a studio. The students might as well benefit a social help from the State to pay the rent, but they will need to fill up documents once they are here.


Language courses on offer

The Faculty of Sciences offer French classes. The number of available places is limited, but as soon as it is full, for the rest of the Erasmus Mundus students who couldn't enroll this course, other French classes will be organised. These classes are organised for the whole time of their mobility. There is no intensive French courses before the beginning of the mobility.


Information on the cost of living, climate and cultural events

The amount given to the Erasmus Mundus students allow them to enjoy their time in Montpellier. Especially that the students will probably benefit a social help to pay the rent of their housing (case-to-case basis, cannot assure all of them will receive it). But the minimum scholarship (1000€) is enough to live correctly in Montpellier. The climate is Meditteranean, which means winter is never really cold, and summer is hot. The minimum is 2°C and maximum 35°C. It doesn't snow in Montpellier. The city is full of social and cultural activities with wine festival, theater, opera, dance show... The region offers wonderful landscapes to hike or walk around accessible by bus.


Support to disabled people

Services for disabled students are available in the 3 Universities of Montpellier. Do not hesitate to contact the person in charge of them, or visit the website of each university for more information. The CROUS also offers a hundred specially adapted houses for disabled students. For further information, you can visit:www.crous-montpellier.fr > service social / handicap


Monitoring Activities

We take care to meet regularly the students to insure that everything is going well during their mobility. We provide them with everyday support if they have any questions or problems. We are in touch with their academic tutor so that in case of any issues, we can resolve it together.


Integration events organized by the University

There is a welcoming event organised at the beginning of their mobility. There is as well a farewell party organised at the end. During the whole year, monthly activities are organised for all the erasmus mundus students coming from the three universities of Montpellier. This is the occassion for them to meet together. And to help the contact between the different students coming from different projects, a facebook group called "Erasmus Mundus Montpellier" has been created, and the students can post questions, infos, parties, cultural event to aware all the students. Thanks to this group, they invite each other and can keep in touch. The EM Team at UM2 posts events as well in this group.